School Speakers and Education Resources

The National Framework for Religious Education (RE) in England recommends that Humanism be studied in schools as an example of a ‘non-religious worldview’.

Humanists UK provides information and teaching resources about Humanism at 

Please contact Reading Humanist member Alan Montgomery by email, if you would like support in teaching about non-religious worldviews such as Humanism.

Local Humanists trained by the Humanists UK as volunteer school speakers, have spoken about Humanism and morality in class lessons, assemblies, seminars, debates.

In the Reading area these included:

  • 2020  University of Reading Teacher Trainees. Seminar on “Humanism, and how to teach it” to 8 trainee RE teachers. Luke Donellan, Alan and Linda Montgomery
  • 2019  Harmans Water Primary School, Bracknell, 30 minute Assembly KS2 (7-11), Intro. to Humanism and its relationship to UN Sustainable Development Goals. 330 students
  • 2019 Maiden Erlegh School, Reading, Multi-belief event with Q&A for 240 students
  • 2019 Robert Mays School, Odiham, 2 days with 4 KS3 classes per day, 200 students
  • 2019  Reading University Teacher Training. Seminar “Humanism, and how to teach it” to 6 trainee RE teachers. Robin Launder, Alan and Linda Montgomery
  • 2018 Ravenscote Junior School Camberley – y6 1/2 hour assembly to 155 students
  • 2017 Yateley School, Lesson on Humanism to 6th form
  • 2016 Langtree School Reading, Two 20 mins Assemblies “Why I am a Humanist, how this affects my everyday life, and what are my views on the end of life and death.“ (Jennie Johnson)
  • 2016 Gordon’s School, West End near Woking, 4 parallel 1 hour lessons year 8 on “What is Humanism and the Humanist approach to animal welfare?” (Alan Montgomery, David Sexton, Anne Cheese, Jennie Johnson)
  • 2015 All Saints Church of England Primary School Fleet, a half hour assembly on Humanism, ethics and helping others for 450 7 to 11 year old pupils (Jennie Johnson).
  • 2010 Lord Treloar School Alton (Alan Montgomery)