Supporting Democracy and Equality

Annual Public debate, talk or panel discussion

Reading Humanists intend to hold an annual public debate, talk or discussion on topics of ethical, moral and current interest.

Evidence based talks and discussions

Our regular monthly meetings generally involve an outside speaker talking about a subject on which they are expert -topics such as Climate change, Sharia Law, Multiple Universes, Conscientious Objection, Morality, Free Will, Representative Democracy. Our speaker events are open to all and everyone is welcome.

Engaging with local equality groups and faith forums

Reading Humanists aims to engage with the local community, speaking out about discrimination on grounds of of religion and belief, and promote equality by reducing religious privilege. We join  groups such as SACREs (Standing Councils on Religious Education_ and other interfaith groups.

Reading Humanists will support, where  appropriate, local groups aiming to promote equality and tolerance, e.g. Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ etc and may participate in events such as  marches to demonstrate our support.