We are pleased to share two poems written by Arline Dace. Arline is 96 years old and has been a member of Berkshire Humanists for more than 20 years.


To be a politician you must honourable be.

You must never answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’

or touch a lady’s knee.


If you’re asked an awkward question

You must change the subject fast.

You can talk at length of something else till the question time is past.


To be a politician you must learn to pass the blame.

You must really toughen up your skin

and be impervious to shame.


You might become prime minister if you play your cards just right.

You must shuffle round your cabinet

when the criticism’s tight.


A bold PM debates with skill and valiantly quenches

Distractions such as pretty knees

On opposition benches.


And if you’re bored when in ‘the house’

You mustn’t sigh or yawn,

just open up your mobile phone and watch some tractor porn.


Love comes in many different ways,

In different forms on different days.

A thoughtful gift, no need for much.

A bunch of roses, and a gentle touch.

The offer of some help with simple things

Makes all the difference and such comfort brings

An arm to hold to save me from a stumble,

A helping hand to raise me from a tumble.

A nice hot cup of tea, a slice of cake.

A hand in mine and giving without take.

Sometimes a kindly smile to cheer me up,

Sometimes a wagging tail, a friendly pup.

A kindly offer, a parcel to the post,

A timely phone call when it’s needed most.

Without the need for words, a friendly face,

A loved one’s kiss, a warm embrace.

These human gifts so yearned for when our spirits fall

No cost but thought – but so needed by us all.