Who are Humanists?

Humanists are atheists and agnostics who share a non-religious ethical outlook and seek to create a more open, just and caring society. The international symbol for humanism is the Happy Human, see below.

  • We make sense of the world using reason, evidence, and experience (the scientific method), and shared human values.
  • We base our ethics on compassion and empathy with the goal of increasing welfare, happiness and fulfilment. We apply the Golden Rule “Do not do to others anything you would not like done to yourself.”
  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We seek fulfilment in the one life we know we have,  creating meaning and purpose for our lives, individually and together.
  • We support democracy, human rights and respect the diversity in our community.
  • We support inclusivity of religious and non-religious people, with no discrimination based on religion or belief. whether in education, government, employment or provision of services to the public.
Is Humanism a New Religion?
No! It’s not a religion – we don’t believe in the supernatural.
Neither is it new – Humanist thought predates, Buddha,  Jesus, Mohammed, and probably Abraham!